Disease Management

Disease Management (Control / Elimination)

This page includes information on projects designed to evaluate strategies to control and/or eliminate infectious diseases from swine operations under field conditions.

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General Topics>Linhares et al., 2020 K-State Swine Profitability Conference.
>Linhares et a., Gestao Sanitaria de Precisao. Webinar Farmabase [portuguese.
Regional Disease Control Programs

>Magalhães et al., The next-generation of (PRRSV) regional control programs. MS defense @ ISU. April 6, 2021.
>Magalhães et al., Next Generation of Voluntary PRRS Virus Regional Control Programs. 2021. Frontiers in Veterinary Science.
PRRS Outbreak Management Program (POMP)

> Linhares & Trevisan., Breeding Herd PRRS Outbreak Management Program. Sow Summit 2021.
> Linhares & Trevisan., Production implications & macro-epidemiological aspects associated with the emergence of new strains, and within breeding herd PRRSV genetic variability. Leman conference (China).
Economic benefits of eliminating Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

>Linhares et al., 2017 Leman Conference slides.
>Silva, Yeske, et al., 2019. Prev Vet Med paper.
Field studies on best PRRS management practices [breeding herds]

>Torrents et al., Effect of PRRSV stability on productive parameters in breeding herds of a swine large integrated group in Spain. Porcine Health Management 2021.
>Trevisan, Johnson, et al, MLV impact in naïve breeding herds. 2019  Leman conference.
>Trevisan et al. Strategic use of information from diagnostic monitoring to mitigate the cost of PRRS. 2019 Annual Carthage Veterinary System Conference.
>Trevisan et al., Use of processing fluid samples for longitudinal monitoring of PRRS virus in herds undergoing virus elimination. Porcine Health Management. 2019. 5:18.
>Trevisan et al., Time to stability in breeding farms operated on a 4 week batch-farrowing system, based on processing fluids monitoring. 2019 Leman conference.
>Rawal et al., Description of production impact of breeding herds exposed to KV vaccine compared to MLV vaccine after PRRS outbreak. 2019 AASV.
>Linhares et al., 2017 Update on PRRS stability studies…and quick updates on PRRS detection and biosecurity. 2017 Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Conference slides.
>Linhares et al.  Comparison of time to PRRSv-stability (TTS) and production losses (TTBP and Total loss) between two exposure programs (LVI and MLV) to control PRRSv in sow herds. 2014 Prev Vet Med.
>Linhares et al: economic model on MLV vs LVI, and on the value of prior immunity. 2014 Plos One.
>Linhares et al: TTS and TTBP of outbreaks with 1-7-4 PRRSV. 2015 Leman conference.
Comparison of PRRS vaccination of growing pigs under field conditions

>Moura et al. Comparison of virus detection, productivity, and economic performance between lots of growing pigs vaccinated with two doses or one dose of PRRS MLV vaccine, under field conditions. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 2022.
>Moura et al. Two MLV doses compared to single MLV in growing pigs under field conditions. 2020 AASV Research Topics presentation.
>Moura et al., Controlling PRRS in growing pigs, and dynamics of virus infection. 2019 NA PRRS symposium.
>Moura et al., Comparison of partial vs full PRRS MLV vaccine in growing pigs. Leman 2019.
>Moura et al., Production and economics of vaccinating growing pigs at high pig density twice with PRRS MLV. AASV 2019.
>Moura et al. Economic and production benefit of 2 PRRS MLV doses compared to a single dose vaccination program on nursery pigs. Leman conference 2018.
>Moura et al. Effect of 2 PRRS MLV doses compared to a single dose vaccination program on growing pig performance. 2018 ISU McKean conference slides.
>Moura et al., Production Benefit of Two PRRS MLV Doses Compared to a Single Dose Vaccination Program on Nursery Pigs. 2018 ISU McKean conference proceedings.
Dynamics of wild type PRRS infection in vaccinated growing pig flows

>Moura et al., Association of wild-type PRRSV detection patterns with mortality of MLV-vaccinated growing pig groups. Preventive Veterinary Medicine paper, 2021.
>Moura et al. 2019 ISU Swine peer group meeting slides.
>Moura et al. 2019 AASV poster
Effect of whole-herd health & production data on growing pig performance

>Magalhaes et al. Identifying parameters associated with wean-to-finish mortality in a swine production system. 2020 AASV.
>Linhares et al. Assessing impact of 1-7-4 on wean to finish pig health. Leman conference 2015.
>Moura et al. Characterizing finishing mortality: effect of whole-herd health and production parameters. 2017 ISU Swine Debate Group.
Field studies with MJ technology (PRRS typing and immunization)

>Rawal et al., 2018 Leman conference\
>Rawal et al., 2018 ISU McKean conference
Impact of MLV on breeding herd productivity, and on downstream flow

>Moura et al., Assessment of immediate production impact following attenuated PRRS type 2 virus vaccination in swine breeding herds. Porcine Health Management. 2019 5:13.
>Moura et al., Immediate production impact following PRRSV MLV vaccination on infected breeding herds. Leman Conference 2018.
Emerging diseases investigation: Porcine astrovirus type 3 emerging cause of neurologic disease in swine

>Rawal et al., Epidemiology and pathophysiology of porcine astrovirus type 3. 2019 ISU Graduate and Professional Students Annual Conference.
>Rawal et al., Astrovirus type 3 field epidemiology. AASV 2019.
>Rawal et al., 2018 National Hog Farmer