Disease Management

Disease Management (Control / Elimination)

This page includes information on projects designed to evaluate strategies to control and/or eliminate infectious diseases from swine operations under field conditions.

General topics

Economic benefit of eliminating Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Field studies on best PRRS management practices [breeding herds]

Comparison of PRRS vaccination of growing pigs under field conditions

  • Moura et al., Controlling PRRS in growing pigs, and dynamics of virus infection. 2019 NA PRRS symposium.
  • Moura et al., Comparison of partial vs full PRRS MLV vaccine in growing pigs. Leman 2019.
  • Moura et al., Production and economics of vaccinating growing pigs at high pig density twice with PRRS MLV. AASV 2019. Moura et al. Economic and production benefit of 2 PRRS MLV doses compared to a single dose vaccination program on nursery pigs. Leman conference 2018.
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  • Moura et al., Production Benefit of Two PRRS MLV Doses Compared to a Single Dose Vaccination Program on Nursery Pigs. 2018 ISU McKean conference proceedings.

Dynamics of wild type PRRS infection in vaccinated growing pig flows

Effect of whole-herd health & production data on growing pig performance

Field studies with MJ technology (PRRS typing and immunization)

Impact of MLV on breeding herd productivity, and on downstream flow

Emerging diseases investigation: Porcine astrovirus type 3 emerging cause of neurologic disease in swine