PDF, Audio and Video Reports

After updating all SDRS programs, the investigators summarize in a conversation format the key findings included in the reports and dashboards. The PDF files are available at the Swine Health Information Center’s website, under Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring. Click here to view and download the PDF reports.

The findings from the monthly reports are further discussed in an episodic podcast (usually featuring a special guest). The podcast can be accessed through the following platforms:

Apple PodcastsAmazon MusicGoogle PodcastsSpotifyRSSYouTube
  • SDRS #51 with data until April 2022: PDF report and YouTube link featuring Dr. Dustin Oedekoven (Chief Veterinarian at National Pork Board and President of the United States Animal Health Association).
  • SDRS #50 with data until March 2022: PDF report and YouTube link celebrating the 50th edition featuring Dr. Brigitte Mason (Country View Farms & SDRS advisory member), Dr. Paul Yeske (Swine Vet Center & SDRS advisory member), Dr. Phillip Gauger (Iowa State University), and Dr. Tara Donovan (The Hanor Company & SDRS advisory member).